Enter Scores Online

You need to log onto www.handicaps.co.za with your SA Player ID and the PIN that you will find on your new HNA membership card.

You'll need to wait for a verification email the 1st time you log in.

Once logged in click on HANDICAP RECORD SHEET

Then click on REPORT OLD ROUND

Type the name of the course in the course field.

As you type the name of the course it will appear in a pop open window - click on the name of the course. (You need to click on the name of the course that appears in order for the next window to appear)

Then just complete the fields and press submit.

(If the course name does not appear it means that you are entering the name incorrectly - if you don't get the pop open with the course name it will not take you to the next screen)

Hope this helps, and now you can enter all those old scores and get your handicaps up to date.