Official Handicap Card

Join NOW and enjoy the following benefits:

A once off New Card fee of R50 + R1449 for 12 months FULL membership from the date you join.
An official HNA  handicap swipe card.
Affiliated visitor rates when playing at other golf clubs.
Enter your score on the HNA terminal at the course.
Enter your score online if your not able to enter it at the course, or via the mobile app.
Check your handicap and scores online
Special offers exclusive to GolfClub members
Earn up to R110.00 for every friend that you refer.

All this for only R1499.00 per year

If you don't live in South Africa, you can also join GolfClub and enjoy affiliated visitor rates in your country. You will need to email your scores through to us, so that we can keep your handicap up to date. You will still be able to view your Handicaps and scores online, and enjoy the other benefits have entered into agreements with various Golf Clubs to bring you the best offer available. All members of are registered and handicapped, as FULL members of the Club through the Handicaps Network Africa handicapping system and, as such, are officially handicapped golfers

Please allow 5 to 6 weeks, from receipt of payment, to receive your official HNA handicap card. 
Your handicap card is valid for 12 months from when you join. A renewal reminder will be sent to you after 11 months.