Handicap Calculation


Golf is the only sport that, because of it’s unique handicap system, allows all amateur golfers to be competitive irrespective of the playing level they achieve within the Handicap spectrum (normally 24 shots for men and 36 shots for ladies.)

A golf course normally consists of 18 holes with each hole having both a par and stroke rating. 

PAR RATING. The 18 holes are divided into 3 par rating categories namely, Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5. The  ratings are normally determined by the length of the hole with the Par 3’s being the shortest and the Par 5’s the longest. The accumulated par rating of all the holes is the par rating of the course and with which we are measured against as a golfer with a certain “Handicap”. 

STROKE RATING. The stroke rating is the level of playing difficulty of each hole in relation to their par rating with Stroke 1 being the most difficult and Stroke 18 the easiest. The shortest hole is not necessary the easiest to play in the required Par rating (number of shots). The stroke rating of a hole determines where you may take your strokes. Ie. A 10 handicap golfer may only take his 10 strokes on the relevant holes marked with a stroke rating of 10 and less. 

HANDICAP: Your handicap is calculated by a set formula taken over a number of rounds, and is 96% of the number of shots played in a full round of golf (18 Holes) minus the total par rating of the course. (An official SAGA handicap is calculated by taking the average of your 10 best scores out of your last 20 rounds of golf multiplied by 96%)

Your average total 18 hole score
Total course rating

Your Handicap is 96% of 20 (20X0.96) 
Rounded to the nereast number (.5 goes up)

Please note: If you do not enter a score within 72 hours of your card being swiped you will be given a par round for the uncaptured score as a penalty. So please ensure you submit your score via the web site if you forget to enter your score.